Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pack Rats

One of the most difficult lessons for Brett and I to teach our kids is the art of organization.  Our kids are natural pack rats.  They want to keep everything and have no desire to keep it organized in a way that works for a household as large as ours.  Since we took a financial class through our church last year, we have been working with our kids on a commission system that allows them to earn a set $$$ amount for completion of household chores.  For our younger children this entails cleaning up the playroom.  This turned into a source of frustration on my part when they simply would throw any toy, book, doll, stuffed animal into a variety of bins with no order.  We were constantly looking for items!
After Christmas this year, we decided an organizational system was needed to help teach our little ones how to put things away and know where to find it again.  After a trip to IKEA, we had what we needed to get started.
Toy bins that can with stand the force of one very rough little boy.
Pictures on the front of each bin tell what each bin holds.
Books are organized into baskets and ready for easy reading
Other books can be kept out of reach on a bookshelf.  Art work can be displayed on the line.
Big items that used to sit on the floor, now are housed neatly on newly built shelves in the closet.  Stuffed animals also have a home in crates underneath.
The girls have a new table and chairs
I am really happy with how our new organized playroom is working out.
We have to work with Caroline a little more, but she will get it.
Next project is figuring out how to keep this mountain of shoes in check!

 "But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way."
1Corinthians 14:40

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