Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Memories from 2017

Our year began with lots of exciting football.  Our Clemson fans were given the unbelievable opportunity to go to the National Championship game in Tampa and see Clemson defeat Alabama.

Later in the month, Brett and I got away for the weekend to go to the Cowboys game.  We had a chance to meet up with friends and enjoy dinner together catching up.  It was a great weekend.

Our weather was beautiful in February.  We enjoyed some outdoor time waiting for our kids to get home from school.
Zachary turned 11 months old in March

Brett and I escaped again this spring to celebrate 20 years of marriage. It was an amazing week!  We stopped at five different islands in the southern Caribbean.  The weather was amazing and the islands were beautiful.
May was a full month, but Emily and I managed to get in a trip to our local strawberry farm.  We picked lots of berries to eat and make strawberry jam.
Mother's Day 2017

Our biggest home project to date was finally finished up in May.  My favorite part is the new sink!

Our second high school graduate!

The younger kids and I made our first solo trip back home to Pittsburgh to visit my family.  It was a fun filled week with our cousins.  We were kept busy at the zoo, botanical gardens, lots of play dates, the movies, and a trip to the farm.

Our annual beach trip to March Island, Florida

Zachary- 14 months

Annual 4th of July celebrations with our friends

Zachary got into lots of mischief.  Good thing he is so cute!

And just like that summer was over and it was back to school time again!
8th, 6th, 5th, 3rd, 1st, and pre-k

First days can be ruff!  But one little brother was certainly happy to see his pal again.

One last getaway for the year.  Brett's company has an annual trade show in Vegas and this year I got to join in the fun for a few days!

Zachary is at the age that he loves to page through books.  This was at his 18 month well visit.

 Thanksgiving Day
What a crew!  Most days I'm crazy, but I'm always so thankful that God has blessed me with these nine.
 December 1st
Carl and Charlotte are back from the North Pole for a month of fun!
Let the memories begin.

 Watkinsville Christmas Parade is always a favorite.
 Happy 11th Birthday!

 Happy Birthday #12
 Another fun tradition-gingerbread houses

The years seem to go faster and faster.  Life is busy and often I can feel overwhelmed.  It helps me to look back over these pictures and be thankful for all the memories.  It is hard to be a mom.  It is easy to let the work of motherhood shadow my ability to be grateful for this life God has blessed me with.  I pray that my focus will always be God centered.  That my heart will always be tender and hunger for His word.  When my heart is in the right place, my eyes see the incredible blessing of my family.