Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday to our Irish Twins who turned 6 and 7 years old last week.  We have always celebrated these two together.  I questioned this joint celebration this year, but truthfully these sweet boys have shared much in their short lives and although they are quite different in personality they are great friends.  They share sweet conversations from their bunk beds at night, they play together, share clothes, and look out for each other.
Celebrating their unique personalities and interests.  Andrew is a lover of cars, trucks, buses, basically anything with wheels.  Matt is a sports boy at heart.  He is dreaming of playing football.
I pray that you will reveal yourself to my boys in a powerful way.  Grip their heart and allow them to see that your love for them is beyond any imaginable love.  God I pray that your light would shine long and bright through their life.  That through their example, others would come to know you and of your great love for them. 
God, I pray for their future.  Protect their hearts and minds from all that is evil.  I pray that they would seek you in all their decisions.  That they will live joyfully and know a peace that comes only from your spirit filling their life.  God, I pray that their trust would be completely in you and never waiver.
God, I love these boys from the depth of my soul.  Thank you for entrusting their life to Brett and I. Give us the grace to parent them according to your will.  To teach and parent them using the example of you son.
Happy Birthday Boys!
"Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love."
Psalm 33:18
Gratitude Journal
*For the peace and hope available through the spirit
*For fellowship and laughter with friends from our small group
*For the blessings of being a parent and the opportunity to recognize and take hold of them each day.

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