Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week in Pictures

This was an ordinary week.  Nothing too exciting to report except our day to day happening. 
Sunday, we went to church.  Caroline wore this adorable sailor dress that my sister sent to us.  The dress belonged to my niece Chloe.  It is so nice to be able to share clothes between the cousins!  After church, Caroline was playing with the tea set while we made lunch.

Apparently Monday was rather mundane because I missed taking any pictures that day.

Tuesday did bring a bit of excitement.  On the way to my doctor's appointment, Kate and I saw this mother goose with her four babies walking across the street to our neighborhood pond.  We managed to snap a picture of the Mom with one of the babies.
After picking up the kids from school, we pulled into the driveway and Matt spotted a cat in the backyard.  He went to investigate and yelled up to me that he also found a turtle.  Fully expecting to find a box turtle, I went down to see it.  Instead, I came upon this rather large snapping turtle.

Wednesday it rained all day!  Kate took advantage of the dreary weather and enjoyed a long nap that she started in the car pool pick up line at school and continued on the couch.

On Thursday this kids wanted ice cream cones for their after school snack.  Caroline enjoyed her vanilla cone without too much of a mess.  She is quickly learning from her older siblings that snacks are GREAT!

On Friday Matt had a baseball game.  He is really enjoying his first experience of participating in a team sport.  You can see by his dirty knees that he is even attempting to slide into the bases!

Also on Friday Jake had his first scrimmage as a part of the high school football team.  He has been working out with the team twice a week since January and for the last two weeks he has practiced daily.  He seems to really be enjoying it and we are looking forward to the fall and the start of football season.

On Saturday, Andrew and Matt attended a birthday party for a friend at the local park.  The birthday boy was a friend of Andrew's from his class.  When I called to RSVP the Mom mentioned that he also had a brother in Matt's class and they would love for Matt to come along also.  The boys had a great time despite a short rain shower.

"The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you."
2 Thessalonians 3:3

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