Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nick's Baptism

God is able to accomplish things in our life that we never thought would be possible.  Four years ago, our family was living life on our own terms.  Brett and I had both been raised in Christian homes and went to church with our families growing up.  However, once we got to college, we began living our life for ourselves.  We began our married life together and quickly added our first two children.  It was around this time that my parents began praying that we would feel the tug of what our life was missing.  We moved to Pittsburgh in 2001 and it became easy for me to attend my family church because they were all there.  However, when we moved away in 2004, we once again feel into our old ways and neglected our relationship with God, to surround ourselves with other like minded believers, and raise our children to know that God loves them and they can trust and depend upon him.  Through this time, my parents continued to pray for our family to find a church that would encourage Brett and I both in our own walk with the Lord, but in our marriage, and in raising our children.  That prayer was answered when we moved in 2008 to Texas.  We decided upon moving that it was important for our family to get involved in a church.  I found a church online before we moved that also had a MOPS group that I could attend and meet some other moms.  Rush Creek Church is where God began to work in our hearts and in the lives of Brett, I, and our children.  We joined a small group that became a lifeline for our family.  They loved and supported us.  We had weekly fellowship and study time together.  When Brett was transferred to Georgia a year ago, leaving our church was the only challenge.  We immediately found a church in Georgia and began attending.  This fall, we were once again able to join a small group.
It is hard to believe that four short years ago, our life was so different.  Tonight, we had the unbelievable blessing of watching our 7th grade son, along with 17 other children come forward to tell the world that they have put their full trust in God and want to share this with others.  Knowing God and trusting him with your life brings incredible peace.  I pray that Nick will continue to put his trust in God alone.  That he will always remember tonight and when he encounters situations that he feels are out of his control, that he will return to the words he said tonight.  "God loves us in the good and the bad."  It isn't always easy to see God in every situation, but He is present and wants more than anything for us to come to Him. 
I am thankful that my parents didn't give up and continued to pray for us.  God is working in our family in unbelievable ways.  Tonight we celebrated His work in the life of Nick.

Here are some pictures of our family celebrating Nick tonight.


Lastly, I wanted to share this very tender hearted card that Emily made for Nick.

Dear Nick,
Today you got dunked under water to symbolize your faith and to tell others that you trust God.  I'm very proud.
Love, Emily

"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you."
John 15:16

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