Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Day of School

It is hard to believe that the school year could be ending already.  The kids all had a great first year of school here in Georgia and are looking forward to the summer!  Our summer will be busy, but we also hope to spend lots of time together and do some fun things.

This was Andrew with his amazing teachers.  Mr. Collin and Ms. Janie are the most loving, dedicated, positive, enthusiastic teachers I have had the privilege of knowing.  They were an absolute answer to many prayers.  Andrew bonded immediately with them and has grown by leaps and bounds this school year.
This is Matthew with his teacher Miss Rebecca.  She is the sweetest kindergarten teacher.  Matthew loved her and had a wonderful first school experience.  He also has made incredible growth this school year.  He is writing sentences and reading short stories.
This is Emily and her second grade teacher Mrs. Mangleburg.  We were blessed this year with amazing teachers, and Mrs. Mangleburg was no exception.  Her classroom was very welcoming.  She motivated Emily to go above and beyond everyday and always provided positive feedback.  Emily would have gone to the moon and back for her!
Jake and Nick also had a great end to middle school.  Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of them with their teachers.  Guess that is what happens when you get older.
We have been extremely blessed in this recent move to have our children attend wonderful schools with caring and committed teachers and staff members.  Of course we know that none of this is left to chance and I have already begun praying for my children and the classrooms they will enter in August. 

"When a man's ways are pleasing to the LORD, he makes even his enemies live at peace with him."
Proverbs 16:7

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