Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Caroline

Our sweet girl turned 4 today.  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  She was my fastest birth and arrived in just 2 hours!  She was born with long skinny fingers and feet.  She is number 7 in our line-up and loves all things dress-up.  She is laid back and loves her passy more than anything else. She drinks only lemonade and loves to do puzzles.  She is full of joy!

The baby sister

Four candles on four ladybug cupcakes for our newest four year old!


Caroline had a great birthday. She was loved on by all her family.
She even had an extra special guest.
As we were about to start her party, Emily noticed this little guy crawling across the bench.  A real ladybug showed up for our ladybug party!

 Caroline was such a sweet sister.  She let Luke play with her new piano book, and Kate wear a pair of her new Disney pjs.
Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline,
I pray that you continue to grow strong and remain healthy this year. May your heart always look to others first.  You are a wonderful sister.  Love your family well this year.  May each day be filled with joy and may you learn to handle frustration well.  I pray that your love for learning will continue to grow.  That you will learn through play and music that you love.  I pray you will continue to love God and hide his word in your heart.
You are our joy!  We love you with all our heart!  Happy Birthday

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