Monday, December 8, 2014

December 6th

Today was fun! Carl hid a letter under each child's pillow last night while they were sleeping.  This morning, they had to find their letter and work together to figure out what surprise Carl had in store for them.
Today was also the annual Watkinsville Christmas Parade and the Pennington family Christmas party.  Unfortunately, the weather was yucky!  It was down pouring all morning, but we braved the yucky weather thanks to our big beach umbrella and enjoyed the parade rain and all.
Emily brought along a friend

You can see from Kate's expression that the weather was wet and chilly!  Not ideal for a parade, but it only happens once a year, so the kids didn't want to miss it.

No small down parade is complete without a bunch of tractors.  The first year we attended, we were a bit skeptical of all the tractors that made up the parade.  But, we have grown to love the simple life of our small town and the traditions it has.

Our high school's marching band

Just thought this little bug was cute with a simple Christmas tree tied on top!

Of course it wouldn't be a Christmas parade without Santa himself.

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