Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10th

Carl brought a little bit of the ice and snow back to Georgia this morning.  He brought along some of his penguin friends also.

As you can see, Luke isn't much for waiting!  He loves candy and definitely enjoyed his penguin push pop from Carl.
In other news.....
My good friend Kendra texted me this morning and asked if she could come take Andrew out for a bit this morning.  I didn't even ask what they were doing!  Kendra is super sweet with my kids and they all just love her.  About an hour after they left, I got this picture texted to me.
They had gone to our local sheriff's office and taken a tour.  She knows Andrew and knew he would love this.  He came home with so much cool information about the police, their tools, and the workings of our local jail.  He even got to see their laundry and told me, "Mom, we need a big washer like they have!"
So thankful for such an amazing friend.

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