Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 16th

Carl arrived ready to celebrate Matt's 9th birthday today, Clemson style.
He wanted to join in on the fun, so he borrowed a Clemson t-shirt from one of our tigers!

 We had plenty of time before the party tonight to make snowglobes.
Carl brought all the supplies.
small pine trees
glue gun

Happy Birthday Matt

Dear Matt,
We are so thankful that God blessed our family with you.  You can see from your smile that you are filled with joy!  Your heart is good and kind.  You're a great brother, so patient and sweet with your siblings.  You love Clemson sports and had a great year supporting their teams this year.  I pray for you everyday to continue to grow in your faith.  To know that God loves you and has great things planned for your life.  I pray that the passion you have for sports now will be used by God later in life to reach others and bring light into their lives.  I pray that you will continue to grow into a man of God.  You have been given a tender heart and sweet spirit, use it well.  May you grow to love learning this coming year.  Remember to love others well and serve them in a way that points their hearts to Christ.
This is the verse that I pray for you everyday.
"With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments."
Psalm 119:10

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