Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Busy Weekend

We woke up on Friday morning to find Carl dressed in the snowman making kit attire.  We have been having a ton of rain here in Georgia, so I guess he was hoping it would get just a bit colder and we would see some snow!
Andrew lost another tooth, so he can officially ask for his two front teeth for Christmas this year.
Caroline kept herself occupied all morning while we had school playing with the nativity set. She has loved it this year!
Saturday morning, we found Carl pretending he was at the Watkinsville Christmas parade.  Since he couldn't come along, he asked the kids to bring him some candy and tell him all about it when they got home.

After the Christmas parade, our family attended Brett's company Christmas party. The kids had a great time running around, playing hide and seek, and football.  They enjoyed the snacks and playing with the other kids who attended.  Luke spent the night wandering around and exploring Dean's front porch and the yard.
On Sunday, we found that Carl had enjoyed rolling down the basement stairs in the roll of toilet paper.
After church we had a busy afternoon preparing our snacks for the small group Christmas party and watching football.  Luke spent the afternoon climbing onto the rocking chair, rocking, getting down, and starting the process again.

It was a very busy weekend for us and I was feeling stressed last night, but Brett put it into perspective and I immediately felt better about it.  This morning, I opened my devotional to another timely reminder from God's word.
"But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness"
Proverbs 14:22
Everything this weekend was good. Each activity was important and significant to someone in our family.  While I may be way behind of household chores today, we made memories this weekend as a family and that is what will be remembered in the years to come, not the piles of laundry.

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