Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to our December Boys

We have three December birthdays in our house.  Two of our boys are actually the same age for three days! 
Our Andrew turned 7 this year.  He has loved garbage trucks for a long time, so this year I decided his party would be a garbage truck theme.
Our crew celebrating Andrew.  Nick was off retrieving something and missed the pictures.
Happy Birthday to our newest 7 year old!
May this be the year that you take hold in your heart of God's great love for you.  We pray that you will know and fully understand the amazing gift God has for you and that you will easily and readily accept it.
You had a great birthday!
Three days later, we celebrated Matt our newest 8 year old with a Clemson party.
This time our older brothers were next door retrieving Matt's birthday present that we had stored there and Luke was already in bed for the night, but the rest of our family was ready to celebrate!
Matt, we pray that you will continue to grow and recognize God's love for you this year.  That you will always be kind and sensitive to the needs of others.  We pray that God will shine through you to others and you will be bold to tell others about him.
God surely blessed our family with these two boys.  They are often like twins being so close in age and do almost everything together.  Yet, God gave each such a unique personality!  I pray they will always be close, treasure their relationship, protect the feelings of the other, and know the blessings of having a brother.
Happy Birthday Andrew and Matt
We love you!

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