Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Knee High by the Fourth of July

When I was growing up, one summer tradition I loved was going to get corn on the cob.  There was a farm near our house where they would bring the corn in on big flat beds attached to tractors.  My mom would peel back the layers of husk to peek at the corn. I still love to have corn on the cob every summer.  It brings back many happy, carefree summer memories.
Speaking of summer memories, this is a little bit of what our family has been up to these lazy days of summer.
 A baby watermelon has grown on the vine.  We are looking forward to seeing it grow.
 Our first green pepper

We are all enjoying our gardening adventure this year.  Brett is already mapping out a bigger location in our yard for next year.
 We love our Dad!  He might be biased, but we think our Dad is the best dad around.

 Uncle Van stopped by on his way home from a show in Atlanta. He brought a few fireworks to preview before the annual Fourth of July Picnic we have with our friends and neighbors.
Setting of a parachute man
Going in for the catch
The aftermath...only one person can catch the man!

Our third annual Fourth of July picnic.  We welcomed new neighbors this year and enjoyed an evening of good food, fellowship, and fun.


Adding a bit more excitement to our lives, we had a water issue that brought this cool digger into our front yard.  Luke loved pretending to drive it.

And then, Caroline fell running in our front yard and broke her arm.  She has been a trooper throughout this adventure and received a few special surprises to help cheer her up.
She received a sweet card and stickers from her cousins.  She loved the picture that James made especially for her.

 And then a few days later this box arrived in the mail for her from Pop and Nana.
 As you can see, she was super excited to receive her very own American Girl. 

Meet the two Caroline's
We have about 4 weeks of summer left before school starts again.  We are getting our school room clean and ready for the new year.  Our curriculum is arriving in the mail and we are getting excited to begin another year.  We are going to soak in these last few weeks of summer.
"These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be full."
John 15:11



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