Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lake Days

 We have been blessed by the generosity of Brett's former boss and friend Dean the past couple of weekends.  Dean's house is located on a beautiful lake.  He has allowed our family to take over his house the past two weekends and have a fabulous time.
 The kids have had a joyous time jumping off his dock and swimming in the lake.
Even our little ones have enjoyed the action.
The boys have enjoyed a little lake fishing off the dock and the back of Dean's boat.

 He even trusted us with his boat.
 Brett quickly learned to navigate the lake and took everyone on a boat ride.
Last weekend, the kids graduated up to tubing and totally had a blast getting dunked in the lake.
Dean drove the boat over to a pizza place and the kids ate pizza on the boat.

 At first Luke wasn't too sure about the boat when it was actually operating out on the lake, but by last weekend, he had actually come to like it and took a nap while the kids were tubing.
 The beauty of his place.  We are so thankful for Dean and how he loves our family.  Not every person works for a company such as Brett that truly embraces family.  We have been blessed over and over through the relationships Brett has made through his company.

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