Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Caroline's Colorful Summer

 Caroline fell in our front yard and broke both bones in her arm at the beginning of July.  It happened on a Sunday night, so we had to wait to get into the orthopedic doctor on Monday morning.  
 Monday morning, off she went.  They ended up needing to sedate her to reset her arm, the orthopedic doctor met Brett and Caroline over at the ER.
She left with a pink cast. She had wanted a yellow cast, but her arm was too swollen to be set immediately in a fiberglass cast, so her first cast was plaster wrapped in pink.
 Cast #2 was purple.  A week later, her bones had shifted slightly and the doctor felt more comfortable leaving her in the plaster cast for another week.  Luckily if got a rewrap because the pink was crazy dirty!
Cast #3 and we have a very happy girl. She is finally sporting a yellow cast and as a bonus it is waterproof!  She can have a bath and even swim in fresh water.
She was a trooper throughout this experience.  She definitely was spoiled!  We are hopeful that this is our last visit to the orthopedic urgent care with Caroline.  She has had far too many visits there in the past 4 years!

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