Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is our Dad's 38th birthday
We are so thankful for him.
In honor of his 38th birthday, we blessed him with 38 reasons we think he is AWESOME!
1. You work each day at growing in your understanding and trust in God, so that you can be the leader in our home that God had called you to be. I am so grateful to have this leadership in you.

2. You give me security in knowing that you love me no matter what happens in our chaotic and sometimes crazy life.

3. You are an amazing Dad to 8 crazy kids! Did you ever think you would have the awesome responsibility to raise 8 kids? Well you are doing a great job!

4. You look better today at 38 than when I met you.

5. You change diapers and bathe kids.

6. You wake early and get our kids ready for their day. You encourage them and prepare them mentally to face the challenges of the day.

7. You are a football, NASCAR guy who will watch a marathon of wedding shows with his girls!

8. You are loyal and true. You will support your cause no matter what another person may say.

9. You like it loud! You like to have music or the tv on in the background all the time. God knew what he was doing when he made you the Dad to 5 boys who also love noise!

10. You are stubborn, but this quality has gotten you to where you are today. You don't let things slow you down or keep you from getting things done. You will rake leaves knowing that there is a good chance of throwing your back out.

11. You are authentic and real.

12. You love our parents and are teaching our children to do the same by your example.

13. You like to do things that I don't. You encourage me to take risks in unknown areas of my life, but are patient in waiting for me to come on board.

14. You have a sense of humor and a great smile that can almost always turn my mood around.

15. You are able to take the emotion out of a problem and situation and always give me the proper perspective on it.

16. You will do whatever it takes to provide for us. You have worked more than one job, crazy hours, and jobs you really didn't enjoy to provide for our family.

17. You are honest and trust worthy.

18. You love bubblegum ice cream and have been known to make a Friday night trip once our little ones are in bed to get a treat for us at Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen.

19. You are a fantastic cook. My favorite is your wings!

20. You always clean up the throw-up!

21. You are the homework King this year.

22. You are great with a computer.

23. You are content with what you have and grateful for the gifts you have been blessed with.

24. You are ok with eating chicken every night of the week!

25. You are crazy enough to stay up all night to clean carpets or paint rooms!

26. You enjoy a challenge like taking all of our kids shopping at Sam's Club on your own.

27. You admit when you are wrong and ask for forgiveness. A powerful example for our children that no one is perfect, mistakes are made, but acknowledging when you are wrong and asking for forgiveness is how God wants us to live.

28. You would rather be at home with us than anywhere else!

29. You would help anyone.

30. Even though I make fun of you for it, you are very capable at fixing many things.... The dryer and the car are just two examples.

31. You listen!

32. You call me everyday on your way home from work to see how the day was. When you travel, you leave me a hand written note for each day you will be gone.

33. You never work alone. You always have at least one of the kids along side of you having them help you out. These are the memories they will carry with them as they become adults.

34. You celebrate the accomplishments of others and always give credit where credit is due.

35. You pray for your family and friends.

36. You tuck your kids in at night.

37. Though we have moved a lot, you have made it possible for each new place to be called our home.

38. You are loved by many especially the 9 people, 1 dog, 1 cat, and 2 fish that live in our house!
Happy Birthday to my best friend.
It is a joy to spend this crazy life with you.
I love you!
"The winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock."
Matthew 7:25
Gratitude Journal
*I am thankful for the opportunity to celebrate my husband
*I am thankful for the opportunity to vote for our country's future
*I am thankful that Luke slept through the night last night

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