Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy 15th Birthday Nick

I can't believe that our sweet blond baby boy is already 15!  God has blessed you with an amazing heart.  Here are 15 things we love about you....
1.  Your heart!  God has blessed you with a giving heart
2.  Your passion
3.  You're a great big brother
4.  You can talk to anyone about anything
5.  Your confidence in who you are
6.  Your desire to succeed
7.  Your willingness to help
8.  You're easy to please
9.  You love your family
10.  You have loved racing and Jeff Gordon since your Dad took you to your first race.
11.  You know when to apologize and you mean it
12.  You could just eat sweets and be happy
13.  You don't stay mad for long
14.  You have a childlike personality.  You like to have fun!
15.  You are happy
We love you and couldn't be more proud of the man you are becoming.  You are a great role model for your younger siblings.  You are continuing to grow in your faith and knowledge of who God is in your life.  God has definitely given you a heart to serve.  Your Dad and I pray that you will always seek God's will for your life and that in these next important years you will look to him before anyone or anything else for your direction.  We look forward to teaching you to drive this next year and to all the fun, carefree, and important conversations that will be shared as we spend time together one on one with you in the car!
Happy 15th Birthday

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