Friday, August 1, 2014

Luke's Big Adventure

Luke is at the stage right now where he loves riding his tractor or driving his cozy coop car.  This past Sunday while Brett was busy making dinner and I was in our school room talking to my mom on the phone, Luke got too close to the edge of our stairs and drove his tractor right over the edge.  It is only three steps into our school room, but when I picked him up all I saw was blood!
Here is Luke in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  Brett felt more comfortable calling 911 since it was a head wound.  This was our first time to have to call for an ambulance, I have to admit it was scary!
At the hospital.  Luke loves his bunny and pacifier which was very helpful today.  They calm him right down and provide security and comfort for him.
Our brave boy with several stitches across the top of his forehead.

Finally on his way home.  Luckily he is so young that the traumatic events seemed to not phase him at all.  However, it did shorten my life by a few years!

 Here is our little daredevil today.  He got his stitches out this morning and is on his way to complete recovery. 

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