Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Kate

For Kate's 6th birthday, she wanted an Ariel party.
Finding just Ariel proved to be hard, so she agreed to have some of the other princesses at her party.


Handmade gifts from her sister Emily. You can see from her expression how much she loved them.

Frozen nightgown from Grandma and Grandpa....another hit!

American girl doll, Isabella

Dress up outfit and matching stuffed animal from Nana and Pop....always loved!

She enjoyed a fabulous day as you can see from her beautiful earrings!  My friend that I teach bible study with invited Kate out to lunch and an afternoon of time with her.  Kate came home with some goodies and a very special memory of time with her beloved Ms. Dale!
God created no one like you and we are blessed to share each and every day with you.  You wear your heart on your sleeve and every emotion that goes with it.  Your expressions are one of a kind!  You adore your big sister Emily and are a sweet big sister to Caroline. You love anything dress-up and wear no less than 10 new outfits everyday!  This past year has been a year of friendships for you.  You adore your friend Will from across the street.  You love church on Sunday, Awana on Wednesday, and CBS on Thursday.  You are learning to read and write and spend hours everyday writing notes to people and asking me how to spell words for you.  You are a free spirit at heart and we love you!
Happy birthday to our sweet, yet sassy six year old!

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