Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You would think I would be an expert by now

By the time you reach #7, one would think you might be pretty close to being an expert.  Ever since I first bought the potty chair back in February, I have dreaded having to begin potty training again.  My last two that I trained were HORRIBLE, and took months to train because they were stubborn to the core.
When Caroline turned two, she started showing signs of being ready to train.  So, I bit the bullet and bought the potty chair and some Dora underwear. We got the potty out of the box, it was a hit.  So far, so good!  This might not be as bad as I was anticipating.  We broke out the underwear, which I thought would be a total hit and she pitched a huge fit.  So, the potty went on top of the refrigerator and we decided to wait.
Months later, it is now summer and I have to decide.....train her now or wait until Christmas break.  With homeschooling starting in August, I knew I would not have the time to devote to training her until the kids were on break this winter.  I had pretty much talked myself into just waiting until December, when Brett got tired of the potty being on top of our refrigerator and got it down.  In my head, I was screaming....NOOOOOOOO!  Caroline saw the potty and was immediately enthused with it again
So, the next day we tried the Dora underwear again.
We are now on week two and are on our way to having just ONE in diapers.  She has done really well and after a few days of figuring out that she is not wearing a diaper and underwear gets wet, I think she has the hang of it.  We are down to one accident a day!
Feeling thankful that #7 is under my belt!

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