Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Fashion Show Kind of Day

Emily and Kate decided yesterday to put on a fashion show.  As outfits began to change, more and more siblings decided to join the runway.
First up, Emily wearing a summer outfit fit for a day in the sun.  Her big floppy hat is sure to keep the hot summer sun out of the eyes.
Kate is enjoying wearing her bee Halloween costume, complimented with a flower head piece and her sister's Dora purse.
Staying with the floppy hat theme, Emily is ready for a day of summer shopping.  While Kate has quickly changed into her cheerleading dress and is ready to cheer her sister on! 

A third sister has joined them on the runway.  Emily is now dressed in her soft white sweater dress, complimented with her blue flip flop over the shoulder purse.  Kate has managed to find a Mickey Mouse dress that is sure to please the Disney enthusiast.  Our newest model, Caroline has now changed into the bee costume we saw Kate modeling earlier.

Loving our newest model on the carpet.  Matt has heard the laughter and joined the fun on the runway.  He has chosen an outfit I know is father will be so proud to see him modeling.  Who doesn't love a good blue Cinderella ball gown!

Finally, our final participant has joined our show.  Andrew has chosen a Florida Gators football uniform to compliment the cheerleader outfit Kate is wearing.  While Emily, Caroline, and Matt have chosen gowns fit for a ball.

 Now wait, the roles have reversed yet again. 

And the final pose of the day....  Emily has chosen to wear an all pink outfit, while Kate and Andrew have to take the more eclectic route.  Who doesn't need a good pair of fairy wings?
The kids had a blast which was quite evident when I walked into the playroom to find every dress up outfit on the floor.  I'm glad they are using their imaginations and having fun.
"Let your conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone."
Colossians 4:6

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