Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Quest- To Find a Sand Dollar

One of the best things about the beach in my opinion is searching for shells.  I still love to walk the beach at night and look for that elusive shell and our kids are no exception.  This sign was posted on the boardwalk as you walked onto the beach. 
This is looking toward the south end of the Island.  The picture was taken at low tide, you can see the sand bar uncovered in this picture.  We walked almost every night with the exception of our last night there because we were so tired from the long trek we made the night before.
This is looking toward the north end of the island.  We walked this direction every night except for one because at the far north end of the island is an area called Sand Dollar Island.  According to the research we did, this area is the best for finding sand dollars.
This is what our nightly trek looked like.  Daddy got quite a work out all week pulling our three little ones in our beach wagon.
Even with Daddy doing most of the work, he still managed to score the biggest shell find of the week.
walking with their eyes glued to the shore in search of the elusive sand dollar
A funny story to share and remember happened on our second nightly walk.  The older kids, especially Nick and Emily were getting discouraged that they still hadn't found an unbroken sand dollar.  We had already found thousands of broken pieces!  We were walking along and met a guy who was fishing knee deep in the surf.  He reached down into the water and pulled something up, then called Andrew over to him.  It was a whole, unbroken sand dollar.  Our family just about died knowing that the first sand dollar to be found was given to our roughest child.  I'm sure you can guess the outcome of this story.  About 2 minutes later, the sand dollar was in several pieces!  Oh well, I'm sure God had a teaching point in here for us to learn!
The tip of Sand Dollar Island.
Looking back from the tip of Sand Dollar Island.  You can see the condos and resorts in the far distance.  It was quite a walk, but well worth it.  Everyone in the family ended up finding atleast one sand dollar at some point throughout the week.
Finally arriving back with the sun setting
We were all pooped!
"Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion.  For the Lord is a God of justice.  Blessed are all who wait for him."
Isaiah 30:18

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