Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy 16th Birthday Nick

It's hard to believe that we now have two boys who are old enough to drive!  It is so true what they say about the days going slowly, but the years going fast.
Nick turned 16 last week.  He is now officially old enough to have his first job, which he is actively pursuing and only a few months from being an official driver.
Anyone who knows our Nick knows that he is a very loyal fan of Jeff Gordon.  He announced at the beginning of the season that this would be his last season to race.  Nick has seen him race at several different tracks, but his dream was to see him race one last time this season.  So, his gift for his 16th birthday was a trip with his dad to see Jeff race at Charlotte, NC in October.
We are so proud of the man you a becoming.  You have a great heart.  You see the best in everyone.  You're generous, thoughtful, kind, and helpful.  You love to share what's on your mind and always make us laugh.  I have enjoyed these past few months with you as you practice and perfect your driving skills.  It has given us a lot of uninterrupted time to talk.  You went on your first mission trip this summer and came home with an even bigger heart to help others.  We are so looking forward to seeing how God continues to use you especially as you begin volunteering in Waumba Land this fall.  We pray that this year is a year of continued growth for you.  We pray that you continue to reach out to others and see the impact your heart can have.
Happy 16th Birthday
We Love you

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