Monday, April 7, 2014

University of Georgia Vet School Open House

Last Friday, we went to the UGA vet school for their open house.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed sharing it with our friends.  The kids has a great time.

First event for the day.....Teddy bear surgery

The kids each brought a stuffed animal.  The vet students explained how they operate on animals using their stuffed animals.  They made little incisions in each animal and then stitched them back up.  It was really cute to watch.
Outside, they had lots of different animal presentations.  They had a horse painted to show his skeleton.  They had sheep sheering, cow milking, a zebra and camel.  They also had activities and games for the kids.  Here the kids were roping cows.
They also had an insect zoo.  The boys especially liked this one.  The had lots of insects to examine with magnify glasses, insect crafts, face painting, and even a bug tasting area....if you were brave enough!
Fun Day with friends!


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