Saturday, April 19, 2014


Yesterday was another cold rainy day in Georgia.  Last year we dyed our eggs on the deck and it was wonderful.  No worries about spilling dye on anything!  This year, no such luck. So instead we opted for the kitchen floor.  We waited until Luke went down for his nap and then the kids had a great time making each egg unique to their own personalities.  Caroline proceeded to drop each egg into the dye and crack several of her eggs.  Andrew dyed his eggs over and over.  The final result were several multicolored to brown looking eggs.  Matt dyed several eggs in Orange and Purple to demonstrate his love for the Clemson Tigers.  Kate wrote with the white crayon to create cats, butterflies, and hearts on her eggs before she put them in the dye.  Emily, being the little perfectionist, slowly and painstakingly dyed her eggs for her small group teachers at church. 
It was a fun afternoon and I remain grateful that homeschooling this years allows us the opportunity to enjoy these fun activities while not rushing around at night or on the weekends.

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