Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Mornings at the Park

We have begun spending several morning a week at one of our local parks.  It just gets too hot in the afternoon to have any fun there.  We enjoy this park because it is in the woods.  Tons of tall, mature trees are like a canopy covering the park. 

I started a new bible study this week called Engaging God's Word- Ruth and Esther.  I was studying the word providence.  I learned it came from a Latin expression that means to see ahead.  When talking about God's providence, we mean that He is sustaining everything that He has created, and He is guiding and working toward His good and perfect plans.  I am learning to step out of His way.  It may not be what I envision, but God's plan is good and perfect.  If I choose to be all in, God will use me in His story in a powerful way.

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