Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Month of Birthdays

In our house, 3 of our kids have Aug/early Sept. birthdays; 3 have December birthdays; and our final 2 have March and May birthdays.  We just finished up a month of birthdays.
Happy 14th Birthday Nick
Nick's birthday happened to fall mid-week.  He wanted to attend a youth group event at our church that night, so his birthday celebration was a bit rushed.  If you know anything about Nick, you know his favorite thing is Nascar racing.  Last year we got him tickets to attend the Atlanta race over Labor Day weekend.  This year, he is going on a youth group weekend, so we settled for the next best thing....race cars.  Nick loves to recreate races. 
He asked for a carrot cake.  At the last minute we discovered that our lighter was out of fluid, so we sang happy birthday without lit candles.
Happy 5th Birthday Kate
At first, little sister tries to sneak in on the act

A second try at lighting the candles

Happy Birthday to our newest five year old.  Kate loves princesses, fairies, and dress-up.  She loved her new Tinker Bell fairies from Nana/Pop and her purple PJ's from Grandma/Grandpa.  One more highlight from her 5th birthday was her dress-up shoes that Nick bought and picked out himself.

Happy 10th Birthday Emily

Happy Birthday to our beautiful first born daughter.  It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since you arrived to meet your excited family.  We were so thrilled to welcome a beautiful baby girl.  You are kind, helpful, caring, and considerate of others.
We are blessed to celebrate the day our Nick, Kate, and Emily were entrusted to our family.


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